Current Members


Amy Schmid
Principal Investigator
(919) 613 4464




Rylee Hackley
Graduate Student
My project involves comparative analysis of gene regulatory networks across species of halophilic archaea to understand how networks evolve.

Andrew Soborowski
Graduate Student
My project involves inference of gene regulatory networks across related species of halophilic archaea.

Mar Martinez-Pastor
Senior Scientist
My project focuses on transcriptional regulation of iron homeostasis across halophilic archaeal species.



Saaz Sakrikar
Graduate Student
I study the function of histone proteins in archaea to investigate the evolution of epigenetics.




Former Lab Members


Preeti Bhanap , Graduate student, UPenn
Avery Fulford,  NASA summer program
Sungmin Hwang, Senior Scientist, KEIST
Hannah Marchuk,
Cynthia Darnell, Research Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Callan Corcoran, Business technology analyst, Deloitte
Keely Dulmage, BD Biosciences
Horia Todor, Postdoc, Gross lab, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF
Kriti Sharma, Graduate Student, Shank lab, Biology Department, UNC
Mimi Mao, Medical Student, Duke University Medical School
Jordan Gulli, New England Biolabs
Jake Herb, PostBac fellow at NIH
Nicholas Gillum


Photography courtesy of Jim Gilbert